Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tales from Overguilds Part 3

It's autumn at Overguilds and the immigration wave swells my population to 17, and a I have a sudden food shortage- my brewer has turned brewed all my stocks, without my notice. Fortunately, with the immigrants came a ranger who is is also a fisherdwarf. I hope this will relieve any my food shortage before any fun ensues.

Speaking of food, I have designated space for a dining hall, near the site of what will be a meeting area and statue garden. Hopefully, this should keep the masses happy for some time to come.

The walls will be smoothed and tastelessly engraved, of course.

And by late autumn the outpost liason and caravan had arrived to my relief. I had begun to fear they would not arrive. Too bad that I don't have many useless crafts lying around yet, the only things I have to trade are some of my excess booze and a giant toad in a cage that I had been hoping to train. Luckily I am able to obtain some bronze for my weaponsmith to forge some axes, and I ask my outpost liason to bring more bronze and steel next year for good measure.

And here's what my population looks like at the start of winter 1052:

Looks like I need to get those idlers to work.

In addition, my food supplies have improved for now and I have enough fish and plum helmets on hand to avoid starvation in the near future. But next season I will need to spend time optimizing my food industry.

Also I've noticed random items have disappeared... a few crafts here, a stack of cave wheat there. I suspect I've been visited by thieves- the only question is are they kobolds or are they goblins?

Tales from Overguilds, part one.

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